Lost Renegade

Tron Uprising

Characters: Beck, Paige

Warning: Character Death

I warn you, this is not pretty… I pretty much hate myself for writing this, but I couldn’t stop. In this, Beck and Paige had continued to see each other even after Paige being framed by Pavel. Enough to build a relationship. With Beck somehow still keeping his identity a secret.


The program stared in pure horror at the man before her. She’d finally done it. She finally broke the renegade and unmasked him. After having been ordered to assist Clu’s army in capturing the renegade, she somehow managed to corner him… but something was off… he wasn’t even trying.

The renegade…  She was so convinced it was him who had framed her… him who had deserted her on that sinking island… him who had her memory altered so she would have nowhere to turn but to his criminal ‘organization’… Tessler had even provided evidence against him. It was right there on the disc of the program who had mutated her memory, left the bug inside for too long and created the horrid scar she had to hide with her hair….

“Listen, Paige. We could use programs like you. Please, join the resistance.”

“You’re the one who set this whole thing up! Aren’t you?!”

This was the program whom she had sworn to take down… to de-rez herself for the crimes done against her… and yet…. This…. This was the renegade…?

“Beck…. Why….?”

Tremors shook her body as she slowly let the man down, pixels glowing faintly around the fatal wound she’d inflicted. Her face contorted into despair as choked sobs escaped from her mouth. She tried to use her medic skills, but the damage she did was so great that it wouldn’t make a difference…

As she was trying to repair him, she somehow ended up activating his memory bank, and she stared as the most vivid memories he had were playing back at her.

He’d tried to convince her… Tried to get her to see that the renegade might only have been trying to help her…. But she never listened. She wrote him off. Told him she didn’t want to see him anymore if he would keep filling her head with lies…

He was tired. Tron was taken from him. His friends derezzed. His home taken over. His ex-girlfriend trying to derez him… He had nothing left anymore. And so he gave in.

She clung to him tightly as tears streamed down her face, glowing white as she sobbed, trying to keep him from falling apart, but it was no use… but she was desparate. She wanted to apologize. Tell him she was wrong. She wanted to show him they could make it work… they could try to find some way to flip this back around…

But they couldn’t. She sat there, frozen in place as she stared down at the pixels that once made the program Beck. She clamped her hands over her mouth as she tried to hold back her sobs. She was beyond disgusted with herself. She broke something that could have been wonderful… and now… it was gone forever.

She killed Beck.

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